The sleep struggle is SO real!!!

I woke up at my normal 7:30, and jumped out of bed to see why Ava wasn’t awake yet…and low and behold there was NO baby in the awesome canopy bed that Jeff and I had so kindly bestowed upon her.  Truth be told, we haven’t slept much since the dreaded day (a week before … [Read more…]

Kids…Dogs…and Jumping.

You walk in the door after a long day of work, and your pup is SO excited they flying through the air, and jumping all over you.  I mean clearly it’s been devastating, and they had no idea if you would EVER return, but does flying through the air like a nut really have to … [Read more…]

Last Minute (In SLC) Gift for the Dog Lover in Your Life!

If you’re panicking to find something for the dog lover in your life, and you’re short on time (Yep, It’s Thursday!)  You have 1-2 days depending on your gift giving traditions, but no worries!  I have been aimlessly wandering around the valley and have compiled a nice list of go to brands, and locally owned … [Read more…]

Why is Mental Stimulation  Important Pt. 1

This weekend I held a seminar specifically geared towards mentally stimulating your dogs on a consistant basis.  I think mental stimulation is vastly underrated in average dog homes, but is honestly one of THE most important forms of exercise that you can offer your dog.  Don’t missunderstand, daily walks and physical exercise are VERY important, and … [Read more…]

I Gave This Dog My Heart!

13 years ago the world welcomed the sweetest pudgy brown and white “pit bull” to his first breath of life. He had no idea he would have a rough start, because the world seemed crazy enough, but he somehow ended up being the last puppy left, and was separated from mom and left in a … [Read more…]

My Dog Stopped Doing What I “Ask”…

I’ve been asked quite a few times lately about the reasons behind a dog suddenly no longer wanting to comply with specific things they have excelled at in the past.  Which is really funny, because Vino decided he wasn’t going to participate with anything going on in his normal fashion this past week, so lets … [Read more…]